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Imported Google Analytics Goals in Adwords not Matching

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I have Google Analytics goals importing into my Google Adwords account.  The conversions recorded from these Goals in AdWords are consistently 5% to 6% lower than what is recorded in Google Analytics for the source "google/cpc" and when I look under the AdWords section in Google Analytics.  Do you know what could be causing this?

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February 2016

Re: Imported Google Analytics Goals in Adwords not Matching

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Hello, Amanda.

There are two important distinctions: Google Analytics records AdWords conversions on the day they happen and only if AdWords or direct traffic were the last click source. Otherwise it assigns the conversion to the last click source. And it does that for up to six months after the last AdWords click.

Google AdWords, on the other hand, assigns a conversion to itself for any conversion that occurs 30 days after the last AdWords click, on the day of the last AdWords click.

So let's say that 28 days ago someone clicked an ad and today returned through an organic search. Analytics would show an organic conversion, for today. AdWords, on the other hand, would record an AdWords conversion, 28 days ago, instead of today.

Let's say that you get an AdWords click 31 days ago, followed by an organic click today. Analytics would still record an organic conversion today, while AdWords would record nothing (over 30 days have passed since the last click).

Finally, let's say you get an AdWords click 179 days ago and a direct visit today, that results in a conversion. You'd get an Analytics conversion assigned for AdWords for today and, again, nothing in AdWords. Sometimes when this happens you see conversions for AdWords campaigns that were long paused.

Finally, the only conversions that match between Analytics and AdWords, on a day by day basis, are the ones that happen after an AdWords click which also happens to be the last visit before the conversion.

Hope it helps, I know it's pretty tangled.

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Re: Imported Google Analytics Goals in Adwords not Matching

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Thank you for the very detailed response! That definitely would make sense on why there is a variance.