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Image Ad Click Tags

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I have an Image Ad i'd like to create for Ad Words and inside that Ad I'd like to have a button click to one location (A below) and another button click to another URL (B below). It seems to work when I preview this in Ad Words, button A goes to Google and button B goes to Yahoo but I'm not sure if this works at all in real use. If multiple links can be used in Ad Words like this how are they tracked? Do I use UTM parameters?


Or should I use the exit URL code mentioned on this AdWords support page, under 'All other HTML5 ads'?

I tried a sample ad with that code, but it didn't click through when I previewed the ad on AdWords.


This seems like it should be very straight forward but I can't find any info on using multiple destination URLs and/or how those URLs would be / could be tracked. Anyone have any ideas how to accomplish this? Thanks!

Previously I was creating Flash ads where we'd use the clickTag parameter(s) with as many URLs and buttons as needed but that doesn't seem to translate to HTML5 ads.

<script type="text/javascript">
var clickTag1 = "";
var clickTag2 = "";
<a href="javascript&colon;">A</a>

<a href="javascript&colon;">B</a>

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Re: Image Ad Click Tags

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Hi Adam
You need to use the exit API (exitapi.js)
This is automatically included in Google Web Designer but if you're making them yourself, you need to include it.

You can see the details here :

Scroll down to the HTML section.

I don't think that you can have multiple exit links anymore though. Give it a try using the method mentioned. I'd love to know if it's possible. But as far as I know, it only allows you to limit the SINGLE exit link to a specific area of the ad as opposed to the entire unit.

Re: Image Ad Click Tags

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Ok, i'll adjust my expectations and only have one click using the exit API. Would you happen to know if a clickTAG type parameter is used or is the tracking automatic?


In the Flash world we'd add a clickTAG to any links that were to be tracked. Thanks