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If keyword suggested bid is lower than my manual bid what will happand?

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Hi All,

I have a questions in my mind.

Some times I see suggested bid is high sometimes and sometimes is is low than my manual setting bid..

If high i will adjusted same as suggested bid for top position.

Now my questions is if its comes low than may bid what will I do?


Lets example My avg bid is Rs 50 for "nike shoes" keyword, But know adword suggested me for this keyword Rs 25. should I decrease to Rs25 or keep it same?




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May 2016

Re: If keyword suggested bid is lower than my manual bid what will happand?

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Hi Debashish,

AdWords has no fixed price per click it is a dynamic bidding system and the price per click depends on many factors. You can read more from here :

This is the definition for the first page bid :

1) When you start a new account , if you have no Ads defined and only keywords, your first page bids will be extremely high, up to some unrealistic amounts, but once you created few ads and a few hours go by, they will decrease.

2) The main things to do to decrease this cost are :
a) Do not use "normal language" in keywords, because in adwords it means "broad match" , instead use keywords with + signs in front of words or phrase matches or exact matches as defined here

b) Use negative keywords to match your user's intent better, when they travel from keyword to Ads to your website.

I hope this will help you.