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If I enter non-www url (and my url actually has www) does it matter?

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In our company's Adwords account we have non-www destination URL added, but our actual URL is with www. Since we're using Wordpress and after we receive click from Adwords, it performs 301 redirect to a www version.


My question is:


Does it influence somehow my Google Analytics report?


I have 320 clicks and only 18 visits, which looks suspicious to me...


Any thoughts?

Re: If I enter non-www url (and my url actually has www) does it matte

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Hi Ondrej, how are things?

In my opinion, even with 301 redirects, you should always use the correct URL on your campaigns to make sure that none of your data gets lost.

There's a chance that you a loosing data, specially if your Adwords account is synced with Analytics, and loosing the "gclid" parameters upon redirect. your have to make sure that all parameters, automatically or manual are passing to the next stage after redirects.


If you're loosing origin information, those people who should be added to the "18 visits" probably are on organic origins, or event direct inside your GA.

Hope this helps.


Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click