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I would like to ask a question about Adwords impressions.

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 I am trying to compare three ad groups. I set the rotation for even rotation among the three, thinking that I would be able to compare the performance of each ad group on the assumption of the same number of impressions.


The even rotation setting appears not to be working as I expected inasmuch as one ad group has six times the impressions of the other two. Those other two are virtually identical in impressions.


I though perhaps I could simply interpolate and multiply the clicks of the two with the lower impressions by six. This, however, would imply that both of these two had a much high CTR than the ad group with the greater number of impressions.  I am reluctant to make that assumption. I would rather start by questioning why the rotation setting is not working as I anticipated it would.


Thanks very much 

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Re: I would like to ask a question about Adwords impressions.

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Hi Peter, and welcome,


Let's start from the beginning. As I understand, you have set "rotate evenly" for your campaign with 3 ad groups. Each of those ad groups has different keywords, right? And those keywords have different competition, different number of queries, different popularity.


The thing with ad rotation is, it's related to ads, not to keywords. That is, even if you select "rotate evenly", this option will never mean that the number of queries for different keywords will be the same: "rotate evenly" simply means that all ads in an ad group will be shown for a more or less equal number of times regardless of their performance (CTR, etc.). You'll find a nice article about ad rotation options here.


As for comparing the three ad groups overall, I would consider looking for other ways to compare them, choosing CTR, avg. CPC, conversion data and other things. They will surely give you more information regarding the need of optimization. Impression share metrics, by the way, is one of the things you could look at.


Hope this helps!



Re: I would like to ask a question about Adwords impressions.

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If you refer to the ads, as @mildaster mentioned; then I have seen this happening.


This could happen usually   when the number of impressions is still low, hence the system doesn't have  a high volume of impressions to rotate the ads evenly. As the number of impressions increases, the differences in impressions among the ads should  decrease,

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