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I really need your help with Adwords conversion tracking

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Hello guys, 


So as the title said I'm looking for a crystal understanding about Conversion Tracking. Currently I'm not sure if my knowledge regarding Adwords conversion is correct or not then I hope to have your help with this issue.


As I understand thus far that by creating a conversion and paste the code within page of choice then whenever a visitor who converted ( accomplished a preferable goal ) and navigated to this page Adwords would automatically count that accomplishment as a conversion for the or campaign which got different URL of landing page...Is this correct ? 



My campaign landing page URL is :

My thank you page URL is : ( tracking code implemented )


The reason why I'm asking is because I still have a confusion between the URL of campaign landing page and the URL of thank-you page in which I pasted the conversion code. Is it correct that Adwords tracking bot automatically follows the visitors to my thank-you page to count the conversion ? If it's so then my understanding is right.


Once again I do hope to have your help in order to better implement the tracking process


Best regards,

Long, Nguyễn

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April 2016

Re: I really need your help with Adwords conversion tracking

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Hey Long, how are things?


I don't think I fully understand the question, but here's something that might help:


When we talk about conversion tag, there isn't a google bot that will follow a path to find the tag and count the conversion. 


The conversions will happen based on cookie information. Whenever someone click on your ad, the user browser will me cooked with some information, specially that the click was from your Adwords account which have an unique ID. Your conversion code also have some IDs, and those will be crossed with the user cookie information to see if the IDs match. If they do, conversion will count, if not, no conversion.


So yeah, you can have Landing Page URL for and still count the conversions at Once the user reach the thankyou page, Google will check if the conversion tag ID is the same from the cookie.


Hope this answer your question.


Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: I really need your help with Adwords conversion tracking

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Thank you Leandro you did help clarify this in an awesome yet easy to understand way. Regards.