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I'm getting visits from excluded locations

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I have excluded cities from my campaign which is display network only. But i continue to get clicks from the excluded cities and is reported under Dimensions in Adwords. Unfortunately the google support team is of no help and suggesting that I change my "Targeted Locations" from  People in, searching for, or viewing pages about my targeted location to "People In my targeted location".


Anyone know how to get this resolved?

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Re: I'm getting visits from excluded locations

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Hello Balasubramanian D ! Welcome to the Community !


That setting is a good place to start.

In addition you should know that location targeting is not a precise science, there are many situations when IP location is not accurate. Mobile location can be a little more accurate since it relies on GPS or gsm cell triangulation, but I suppose you are not running a mobile campaign.


The first thing : what location are you targeting ? There are countries where you can't even target a city, you can target only the whole country . Here is the full list of targeting options : link  


Also this is a helpful list of restrictions : link 


Additional advice :


1) Use your location name in the ads text, to avoid clicks from people not interested in services in your area.

2) Add as many cities as you can in the "excluded location" list, if those cities are not a target for your services.

3) Use a radius in the "advanced location" instead of a city name.


Here is some info about how ads are matched to the location, in order to better understand "the system" :





Re: I'm getting visits from excluded locations

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Check Jon's answer (aka Cobnut) in this discussion. It will be helpful;

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