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I have a few Questions Adwords

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1)  is a  Developer Token is used to  identify a programmers API Activity or accessing the API?

2) can you check for impressions in the history change tool?In most manuals that  I read it says so,but when I actually go there in my adwords account I don't see impressions...what's going?

3) can I use the adwords editor to to access multiple acounts offline?



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Re: I have a few Questions Adwords

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Hi Joseph,

1) As for API things I'd suggest approaching the special forum.


2) If you're referring to the "change history" tool, it's used to check what changes were made at what time, just in order to track activity in the AdWords account. It's often really useful when you need to find some explanations about unusual "behaviour" or your campaigns (for example, why the number of impressions dropped or why CPA suddenly went so high). However, this tool will not show you impressions - you have a number of reports for that. You can find more information about the Change History tool here. If you need to track your clicks, impressions, etc. over time, I'd suggest you creating a report and analyzing it. Please read more about possible reports here. There are some really cool things you can see in them!


3) Absolutely! All you need to do is open your AdWords Editor, click File -> Open Account -> Add Account. You'll see a table with login and password required. There you'll enter your account and will see it. Next time it will be on the list when you click File -> Open Account, along with all other accounts you had imported into Editor, so you'll just have to choose the one you would like to work with.


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Re: I have a few Questions Adwords

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Since normal users do not use multiple adwords accounts (question 3) and rarely use the API ( question 1) , Are these questions from an exam ?


At point 3 , the adwords editor is not accesing anything offline it is editing an image of your account. If you downloaded the account 3 months ago and made multiple changes in the online interface since then , the adwords editor needs a fresh update of the account contents before you make any more changes in it.