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Huge Mismatch in Adwords and Analytics

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Hi Everyone!


I have a big Mismatch between data of Adwords and Analytics. I've been read infromation about Adwords and analytics discrepancy but I'm pretty sure that there is something is not working properly in my data.


I have 150 clicks and only 10 sessions. Does it mean that 10 users have clicked 15 times each my adds? That makes no sense taking in account that the campaign is beeing runned in 5 diferent countries and is a new product and website.


When I saw the bounce rate of the  Keywords that users hace used, I see that most of them perform "0". So that means what?


I think that there's something wrong with the configuratiojn or maybe anything on the website that don't allow the good traking of the information.


Any experience about that?


Best Regards to all!

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Re: Huge Mismatch in Adwords and Analytics

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To be honest with you, it looks like some issue with your Analytics property here, where the sessions are not getting tracked properly. Make sure you have installed the Analytics script properly as recommended.


Also to verify, are you getting any hits from other traffic sources like Organic, Referral etc...?


This help center reference would help you identify if there is some issue with Analytics:-


I would also suggest you to post this issue over Analytics forum for more insights:-!forum/analytics



Re: Huge Mismatch in Adwords and Analytics

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Thanks Pankaj for your answer, we have hits from other traffic sources. I've seen the code implementation and there is something that maybe isnot correct. We keep you informed if we solve this problem with the code.