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How to track leads that convert at a later date?

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Hi guys, I've got an interesting situation... I want to convince my client to put me on a pure performance basis for his adwords account. He is in a construction type of business - he receives leads, sets an appointment with them and if all goes well a conversion happens a few days or a week or so later. What I want to know is:


1) How can I track the conversion value from these leads as it varies depending on the requirements of his customers?

2) How can I track whether it is an Adwords conversion and not a conversion resulting from SEO?


Normal conversion tracking is already up and running, but I want to go further than just knowing the amount of leads obtained and their CPA. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: How to track leads that convert at a later date?

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Hi @Raymond-Smit how does the client receive the leads?  If they're received by a contact form on the web page then you could ensure the AdWords gclid is attached to the sent email (this is relatively easy to do for a developer).  As long as that gclid is kept with the customer record to the point of a sale, you could then import it as an offline conversion.


I have to say I'm not a big fan of charging based upon sales - and this is just one reason why.  It can be very difficult to positively say that AdWords was the only way in which a particular sale could have been achieved and even more difficult to prove that the sale only happened because of your management of that Account.  This can lead to disputes with the client and to be honest I much prefer a simpler charging system, either a flat rate or based upon spend or some combination of the two.



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