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How to track conversion from click on submit button?

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Hello Everyone,


I want to track the conversion, once the user fills the form and click the submit button, actually i want to track it through on click functions. But i don't what code or how to track that conversion once the button is triggered.  

Please guide me on this or provide me with the code if possible.





Re: How to track conversion from click on submit button?

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Hi Gagan,

The easiest way to do this would with GTM.

Learn about setting up AdWords conversions with GTM here

You would then need to set up a firing rule in gtm that is triggered by the click.

Learn about that here

You can either do it on the click, which will not be perfect as something can occur where to form does not get submitted or the user clicks the button without information in the fields. Or you can fire the code on a successful form submit (provided you are not using AJAX or something else that blocks the form submit from bubbling to the top.)

If you are using AJAX or something that prevents the form submit you can build a custom script in GTM that soft validates the form and then fires an event. By this I mean it will just check that the form is filled in with a few rules and then fire a custom event that you can fire the conversion tracking code with.

Let me know if you have any questions.