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How to read Assisted Conversion report in the Adwords Searh Funnel

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I want to know the total conversion for the campaign. In the Last Click Conversions shown 19 and Click-Assisted Conversions 10. Is the real conversion for my campaign 19 + 10? If this is correct and then this understanding also apply for the conversion value, correct? Please shed some lights Smiley Happy

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Re: How to read Assisted Conversion report in the Adwords Searh Funnel

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Good morning and welcome to the AdWords Community.


Others may have different opinions, but I can't say I have enough information about your account to really know what your "total" conversions were in the situation you describe. 


When it comes to multi-channel attribution, it would be a mistake (for instance) to assume that every converting visitor clicked on an ad only one time. If you view the Top Conversion Paths report (in Google Analytics), you can see how many times visitors click on organic/paid/other listings one or more times before converting. That will help you know how visitors behave.


As for "total conversions" you can set up AdWords conversion code (or goals in Analytics) to measure specific actions.


What is getting measured and how much of the website activity is being counted really depends on what you've set up--what you've chosen to measure. For an ecommerce site, it would make sense to be measuring visits to the checkout-success page that confirms a successful purchase. Similarly, for a newsletter sign-up page, the subscribe-confirmation page would be the one you measure. 


I don't know what you are using as a conversion, so I can't be more specific.


You can red more about search funnels and assisted conversions here in the AdWords Help Center. 

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Re: How to read Assisted Conversion report in the Adwords Searh Funnel

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Hi Theresa,
Thanks for your reply. The account is an eCommerce site. I am talking about Adwords Search Funnel. You can find this on the conversion windows on the left side menu by navigating from the Adwords dashboard Tools - Conversions. Then on the conversion window, I choose from the menu on the left side Assisted Conversions. Unfortunately I cannot share the image screenshot here so I cannot show exactly the menu