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How to measure the cost per conversion of view through conversions

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Hi All,


I was just wondering if anyone had a good way of working out the value of view through conversions?


One of my remarketing campaigns had 13 view through conversions last month - if I wanted to attribute a cost per conversion to those how would it work? It's had no normal conversions but obviously the campaign has contributed to other conversions and has therefore been worthwhile for us so just wondering how to report on this?


Hope this makes sense?! 


Thanks everyone!!!

Smiley Happy

Re: How to measure the cost per conversion of view through conversions

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Hi Laura,

Really like the question! As for assigning a specific value to a VTC I would be a bot tentative. I am much more likely to assign a value to an assisted conversion rather than a VTC. Simply because I know that through assisted it is clear that the conversion was brought in through the marketing efforts. The VTC, however, means that the individual at no point click on any of my ads. Therefore it may be coincidence that they chose to convert with me, or it may have been other campaign efforts that led to this conversion. There is no definitive link between the user having simply seen my ad and a value that added to the conversion point.

Now this does not mean that there is no value to a VTC, quiet the contrary, as you will find cases were campaigns are not converting directly or through assisted conversion but have a high number of VTC. Pausing these campaigns then leads to a direct drop in total conversions on ones site, so it is clear that they do have value. It may be that you have increased brand presence, or your ad was memorable when the user was simply surfing and thus thought of you when looking for your product.

At the end of the day though, I would not include VTC in my CPA calculations at all. It is more a point of interest for clients, and an indicator of where is a good place to be to catch people early in the conversion funnel for example. I often do report VTC values, but as a side note and have never included them in CPA calculations.

So to sum up, While VTC can have inherent value as a metric to note and do contribute to the campaign as a whole, they should not be used in calculations of actual ROI or ROAS with regards to advertising budget.

Perhaps some one has a different take on the situation?

Hope this helps

Re: How to measure the cost per conversion of view through conversions

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Hello Smiley Happy

Thank you for the comprehensive response!

Given what you've said do you think there is worth in a campaign that generates view through conversion but not standard conversions?

Re: How to measure the cost per conversion of view through conversions

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Most certainly! View through conversions go hand in hand with brand recognition and awareness. You will often find that pausing these campaigns, may not only negatively impact your performing campaigns but may even negatively impact direct conversions.

I am currently dealing with an account that the client decided to cut display budget as it was not performing as strongly as search, which I advised them against. All went well for 2 months but now the loss of brand visibility has hurt the account quiet severely and CPA's are higher than they were with display included.

Needless to say the client has noticed the error they made and Display is back but it will take time to get back to where the account was, more time then it took to fall.

Never ignore the power of brand recognition and just simple familiarity. People trust something they know, make sure that they know you.

Glad I could help and hope your account does well!