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How to measure brand awareness increase via SEM?

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Hi all,

Happy New Year!


Do you believe SEM campaigns increase brand awareness?

If you do, how would you actually measure/track it in numbers?


I have encountered to above questions from my client and it seems very difficult to be solved.

Because, I actually have to come up with proper index and calculation methodology which show increase of brand awareness in a logical way.


Here's some idea about useful data

1) Impressions : Brand name exposed therefore it contributes to brand awareness

2) User Interaction

- Returning Visits : It means visits generated from who got better awareness than new visits.

- Duration Time : More dwell time represents more user interests

- PV : More PV represents more user interests

This will not be easy because brand awareness may not be calculated in numbers but anyway I have got to generate a methodology.


Please help!

Re: How to measure brand awareness increase via SEM?

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happy new year to you also

well come to adwords community,


 Yes,SEM Is best way to create brand awarness in user mind because user activity is on search enging increasing day by day that's why every company focusing to promot their product or services through online marketing.

Even SEM is cheaper than TV promotion and few other promotional activity and its reach is also high.

PPC Not need too much budget to spend for promotion as compare to other tha's why i thik SEM is best way to make a brand image. 


About SEO &SEM



SEO(subset of SEM) takes a long time to get a rank on the searching engine while through PPC you can get number 1 position immediately (after approval).


To Know about brand awarness here is some tip


In google analytics you get "return visitor"  and "new visitor" if number on return visitor is increasing then it means that you creating a brand image in the market. Why i said this, for ex:- if i feel hungury and i call to mcdonald's and order burger why i did this beacuse i know that i will get best thing and best service this is the impact of brand awarness.

While in adwords impression( what i think is) provide information about your product which help you in creating a brand image in the market.



Re: How to measure brand awareness increase via SEM?

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Hi Chae Min,


That's an interesting question, but you seem to be on the right track.  Typically, people whose primary marketing objective is to build brand awareness turn to Display Advertising.  However, quantifying brand awareness is a challenge because even if your brand's message is displayed (measured by impressions), awareness itself cannot be verified by impressions alone.  As a result, Google's page on Measuring Brand Awareness recommends that you monitor multiple metrics to guage the success of a branding campaign.  While there will always be a degree of uncertainty, as you mentioned, measuring and comparing impressions, customer engagement (CTR, Conversions, Pageviews, Visit Duration, Bounce Rate), Reach and Frequency over time should help you to gain enough insight to determine, prove and improve the success of your branding campaign.


As for your client, there are tons of great case studies and other resources that can help you to educate your client about the quantifiable results of brand building with search & display campaigns.  Try filtering Google's Think Insights (Display) page by "Build Awareness" (marketing objective) and "Case Studies" (content type) for some great examples of companies who have achieved measurable success with their brand awareness campaigns.


Good luck with your client and developing your methodology!  Feel free to follow up with further questions if you'd like to continue the discussion.

Re: How to measure brand awareness increase via SEM?

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If you want to measure performace of Brand, compare the number of impressions which you have received week over week, if it increasing week over week then your brand awarenes is increasing, coz people will then more likely to search for your brand terms.

Secondly , You can look out for returning visitors in theAnalytics if it increasing day by day or week over week, then you can easily make out the increase in brand awareness