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How to measure Impression Share?

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Hi All,


I am back after a long gap. We all are busy with Ads for holiday season. We have been working from past 5 years in Adwords helping to increase CTR%, reduce the CPC and also reducing CPA.


Recently, one of our client has shared their report on Search Exact Match IS (SEMIS)


For Example:

9 clicks SEMIS 29.11%

8 clicks SEMIS  37.60%

10 clicks SEMIS 25.72%

14 clicks SEMIS 10%



My question is: SEMIS of 10% or <10% is good or 37.60%?


I would be glad if i get clarity on Impression Lost share ( just basic logic - which % is good increasing trend or decreasing? )


Thanks a lot......


(this is the first client asking for this data)


-Syed Nuri

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September 2015

Re: How to measure Impression Share?

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Hi Syed,


Basically the higher search impression share you have, the better, as impression share shows you the proportion between the impressions you received and impressions you could have received if you had had enough budget or higher ad rank.


So neither 10% nor 37% impression share sounds good to me. However, as you have gathered just a few clicks, it might be a little bit too early to be sure.


Lost impression share shows the percentage of impressions you are losing, so the lower it is, the better. It's just a very good idea to know WHY you are losing those impressions (due to rank or due to budget). You can add a couple of columns to see why you're losing impressions as it's explained here.


Keep in mind that increasing impression share doesn't mean you're increasing the number of clicks: for example, if you change your broad match keywords into phrase/exact match ones, your impression share will be likely to increase, however, the overall number of impressions and clicks will be much smaller. 


milda prušinskaitė

Re: How to measure Impression Share?

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Thanks Milda,

I got a clear picture after your explanation. We got less Impression Share as client is using less budget approx $300. So it is not about the CTR or Clicks.

We have good quality score....My assumption is that Impression share column helps is budget decisions.

Thanks once again Milda

-Syed Nuri