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How to manage Google Conversion tarcking for two sites

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We are driving traffic to Site A with an AdWords campaign. We want to track conversions in the form of sales, but the sales are happening on Site B.


We are driving traffic with PPC ads to landing pages on Site A. From Site A, visitors are being funneled into Site B. When customers purchase a product, they receive a confirmation page, which is where we are planning to embed the AdWords conversion tracking code.


Are we doing this correctly?
Site A and Site B are two separate entities, so we can't really setup cross-domain tracking with the same Google Analytics ID. Is there an alternative approach?

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Re: How to manage Google Conversion tarcking for two sites

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Hello, Mukul.

In theory you can set up cross domain tracking even if one site is and the other one is (more on this here: ).

As for the conversions, they may happen on any website of your choice, as far as AdWords is concerned. As long as the cookie is set by clicking on an ad pointing to site A, a conversion code generated from that AdWords account will determine a conversion to show (in AdWords), regardless of where it is triggered.

The problems that may arise though are the following:

- the analytics account for site A will not show any conversions.
- the analytics account for site B will attribute all conversions coming from site A to site A as source and referral as medium

If you want to prevent that, what you may try is to link the AdWords account sending traffic to the Analytics account of site B and make sure you send the gclid (or the utm tags you use in the AdWords account if you don't use auto-tagging) from site A to site B. By doing that you'll be able to analyze the traffic that comes from AdWords and does something on site B (and also see cost data in the B Analytics account).

Hope it helps.
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