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How to link ad groups to individual leads?

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  • I have a campaign generating visits to a website
  • Every lead (=successful sending of contact form) is tracked as a conversion. This means I can track the amount of conversions for every ad group.
  • Problem: not all leads are equal. Some are "good" (qualified leads), others are "junk" (not worth following-up).
  • Need: I need to link the ad group to every lead generated, so that I can identify which ad groups generate good leads and which generate junk.

Question: which is the best practice to solve this need? Use offline conversion tracking?



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Re: How to link ad groups to individual leads?

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Hi Erik T,

One way you could do this is with manual tracking. You'll need to be able to program this on the back end. AdGroup isn't one of the value track variables, so you'll need a tracking template for each ad group. Give it a name and a value, something like "?group=group1". Group is the variable name, group1 is any text that identifies the group. When the user first hits your landing page you'll need to capture that data right away. I usually set a local cookie with that value. Add a field to your form for that value, and fill it with the saved value. When the user converts, save that data with your contact. You can then run reports from your data, segmented by ad group.

A more simple method would be to segment the AdGroups tab by conversion name. That should give you conversion data for each ad group and each conversion name, and that should give you the data you need.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: How to link ad groups to individual leads?

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Hi Erik,

For you to track the quality of leads you shall need to use a Lead Management System tool at the back end for leads tracking. You can then manually tag all the destination urls at the keyword level with the following utm parameters.

This way you can track manually at the backend the quality of leads.

Hope this helps!