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How to integrate Google forms with Google Analytics

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I have a Google form embedded in my website and want to integrate with Google analytics (may be as a 'goal'). How could I do that?

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How to integrate Google forms with Google Analytics

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Hi Isha,


Thanks for reaching out to the AdWords Community. You could create a Google Analytics goal to track form fill-ups by either creating a destination goal for the URL that a user is directed to after filling up the form, or by creating an event goal to track the number of times the form 'Submit' button was clicked. Here's a helpful resource with more details. 


Hope this helps! 




How to integrate Google forms with Google Analytics

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I used Zapier for this (free for basic plan), no coding needed
How to use Zapier to trigger a goal conversion in Google Analytics (used with Google Tag Manager) when an embedded Google Form is completed
  1. In Google Tag Manager click on Triggers to create a new trigger.
  2. For trigger type, select "custom event."
  3. Set it to trigger on "Some Custom Events."
  4.  Set the trigger to fire when the Page URL contains a unique part of a URL e.g. "/pages/contact."
  5.  Name (e.g. "Contact Form Submitted" and save the trigger.
  6. Click on "Tags," then click "New" to create a new tag.
  7. For tag type select "Universal Analytics."
  8.  For Track type select "Event."
  9. .Under "Event Tracking Parameters" for "Category" enter "Form Submission."
  10. For "Action" enter "Submitted."
  11. For "Label" enter "Contact Form."
  12. Leave "Value" blank.
  13. Under "Non-Interaction Hit" select {{Event}}
  14. Under "Google Analytics Settings" select {{Google Analytics}}
  15. As the trigger for this tag select the trigger you just created, "Contact Form Submitted" (or whatever you named it in step 5) which should show as a custom event.
  16. Name the tag  (e.g. "Contact Form Submission") and save.
  17. Press "Submit" in the upper right corner to activate the new tag.
  18. In Google Analytics, select the gear icon in the bottom left (Admin settings).
  19. Under "View" select "Goals."
  20. Select "Create New Goal."
  21. Select the "Submission" goal template in step 1.
  22. In step 2, under "Type," select "Event."
  23. In step 3, for "Category," "Action," "Label" enter exactly the same thing you did in Tag Manager in steps 9-11 (case sensitive).
  24. Leave "Value" blank.
  25. Save the goal.
  26. In Zapier, select "Make a Zap!"
  27. For the Trigger App, select "Google Forms."
  28. Select "New Response in Spreadsheet."
  29. Connect your Google Forms account.
  30. Choose the spreadsheet connected to your form.
  31. Under "Worksheet" choose the "Form responses" that shows up in the drop-down menu.
  32. Select "Google Analytics" as your action app.
  33. Select "Create a Measurement."
  34.  Connect your Analytics account.
  35. Select your Account and Property.
  36. Under "Type," select "Event."
  37. For "Category," "Action," "Label" enter exactly the same thing you did in Tag Manager in steps 9-11 (case sensitive).
  38. Leave the other fields blank.
  39. Test and activate the zap.
  40. Go to your website and fill out the form.
  41. After at least 15 minutes (enough time for Zapier to have checked the spreadsheet linked to your form) check your goal conversions in Google Analytics to verify that the zap is working.