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How to get historical quality score data (day on day basis)?

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if i want to fetch the quality score report from reports section to find out the status/performance of my account’s keywords in past three months plus If I want to see what are these keywords (keywords +match type)  and how have they evolved in past three months what is the best way to see that?


I fetched the keyword report of past three months but it provides a column with a title ‘ Current Quality Score’, which if I am not wrong provides the latest QS only? I want to analyze what were they three months ago and now to get a full picture.



Abhay Bhalla

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Re: How to get historical quality score data (day on day basis)?

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Hi @Abhay B historical Quality Score is not available in any report.  There's a good reason for this as Quality Score is calculated for each and every auction so there would be no way to accurately portray the conditions of any particular time - you'd need to factor in the Ads available at the time, the region displayed, the time of day, etc.  The Quality Score figure shown in your Account is really just an approximation of your performance, not a hard metric.


If you do want to keep track of Quality Score - and I'd seriously question the value of this - then you'll need to set up a Script to export the figures to an external spreadsheet on a regular basis.  But, to be honest, I'm not sure it'll tell you anything useful, given the number of factors involved.



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How to get historical quality score data (day on day basis)?

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Quality score is reflection of other things, and, as much as anything a little like a "check engine" warning light - you should pay attention when it gets too low.


if you are following best practices and getting decent results with your campaigns then most likely you will have a decent QS. The danger is where you start to think that, because you have a series of 10/10 QS scores, that your optimisation is complete.


Focus on the more meaningful metrics such as CTR and conversion rather and the QS will take care of itself.




How to get historical quality score data (day on day basis)?

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Hello Abhay,


Starting from May 2017, AdWords users can now see Historical Quality Score column. So now you can now pull historical Quality Score data to as far back as January 22, 2016, with breakdowns for Ad relevance, Expected CTR and Landing page experience.


That should be sufficient enough, yet I prefer to look at my Quality Score together with other metrics since QS should only be used as a diagnostic tool at the end of the day. Therefore, I've developed a reporting template to monitor each keyword’s’ quality score along with other metrics (CPC, Conversion Rate, Cost, etc). I use this to see what keywords have high/low traffic and high/low QS to decide whether you should get rid of those keywords or keep them or change them.


If you find it useful, the template can be found at