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How to edit campaign's conversion goal

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Hi all,


I have multiple campaigns that have the same conversion goal. But Adwords is only recording the conversions of one campaign. And when I choose to see the "Conversion Name", only one campaign has the name on it, whereas others with the same goal don't have any.


How can I edit a campaign's conversion goal?



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Re: How to edit campaign's conversion goal

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Hi Duong

If I understood your problem correctly, then it may be the campaign have not received any conversion yet. If your website have a single conversion page or thank you page(where you have placed the conversion code) then all the campaigns will record conversion, if any of the user have reached to it through the campaigns. You need not to do anything more for getting the conversions tracked.

I hope this make sense...!


Re: How to edit campaign's conversion goal

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If I understood correctly, you are saying that all conversions are recording from one campaign only and no other campaigns are recording conversions in your account. Let me know if that's not the case here.


In other case, if you are talking about Conversion Name report from Dimensions Tab, you need to customize the columns and add Conversions (instead of Converted clicks) to get more insights on which action triggered conversions for you. You could also add Campaigns and Ad Groups for more granular data.