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How to create rules for Networks like I do for Kw & ads, etc.

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 I find it very usful to create or automate rules for kw's and ad's and even ad groups. I have about a dozen rules for pausing or enabling ads and kw's and it saves me lots of time. 


How do I or can I, creat rules for networks like I do for Kw's.

Can I set a rule to automatically pause a network url when the Conv/Cost is to high?

I see the alerts tab on networks, but there is only "manage alerts" there is no "create alerts"?? 


Please help. Thanks You in Advance. Fred 

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September 2015

Re: How to create rules for Networks like I do for Kw & ads, etc.

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Hi Fred


You can´t create rules for placements on the display network tab, as far as I know/can see (but all AdWords-account don´t actually have the same functions).


Go to Campaign or Ad group view, you´ll find automated rules there, and you can create a rule for an individual ad, but not for a single keyword or placement (someone correct me if I am wrong, but I think this is what I am able to do)