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How to best follow a series of campaigns in Google Analytics

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We have a main website where we showcase our main products. We also have an outlet where we showcase our cheaper range. We drive traffic to the main site via AdWords, and have a large Outlet link on the main site going to the outlet which has UTM parameters to show it came from the main site. We also have some other referral traffic going straight to the outlet.


We then have a button on the outlet leading back to the main site which is also UTM tagged to show that these are visitors coming from the outlet to the main site.


I am now faced with two types of people who came from the outlet and are now browsing my main site. One is people who were on the main site and went to the outlet and returned, and another is people who got referred straight to the outlet and have now proceeded to the main site.


How can I distinguish between the two types? Is there an advanced segment here that can show me people who match the campaign that they came from the outlet, but yet previously they matched another campaign?


One answer may be cross domain analytics, but I am not sure I am ready for that yet.

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Re: How to best follow a series of campaigns in Google Analytics

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Hi Zevi
In your situation, I'd go with the cross domain tracking in Google Analytics.
It's MUCh easier to set up now than it used to be in classic GA. Universal Analytics practically has it built in and if you use Google Tag Manager, it's even easier.

The way you have things set up, you're deciding on one or the other, you're not seeing both segments as one (which you should be).

You can set up a custom segment in GA if you want, but how that's done will depend on how you set up your tracking. However, in your shoes right now, I'd bite the bullet and go with the cross domain tracking. With the new customer journey reporting that was released today by GA, you're probably want to do that anyway.

Re: How to best follow a series of campaigns in Google Analytics

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Right Dave, thanks for the push, I think I'll give it a shot tonight. (I was originally trying not to tie the two sites together in Google's eyes as the outlet is a slight duplicate of an old penalised domain the company used to use and which is still live. If google ever decided to demote the outlet, I didnt want the main site to go with it.)

I think though its time to go for the cross domain analytics as you say.

The only other way I think is to actually set the link on the outlet site with different UTM Campaign name for people who originated on the main site and people who got referred straight to the outlet.