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How to associate goal completion in my Google analytics Adwords Report?

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Hi all,

My adwords and analytics accounts are linked since long. I am getting information on campaigns, visits, destination URLs. However, the adwords report in analytics does not show goal completions and very less visits (for visits, I can understand the cause).


1) I have 4 different campaigns with 4 respective landing pages and their respective conversion pages.

2) I am using both adwords conversion tracking and Analytics goal tracking (set on the 4 conversion pages)

3) My landing page is reachable only to adwords ad visitors.



1) My adwords shows proper conversions which are not reflected in Analytics adwords report.

2) Not a single conversion is recorded in Analytics after I have set up goal tracking on my conversion pages.

3)  I cannot find a way to associate either adwords conversions or analytics goals to my adwords report, which is showing 0 Goal completions and 0 revenue.


Any help/insight is greatly appreciated.

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Re: How to associate goal completion in my Google analytics Adwords Report?

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Hello, Zankhana.


Did you check your funnel visualization? Or maybe I should start with "have you defined a conversion funnel"?


If there is no funnel defined, go to "Content" - "Site content" - "Pages", and see if the conversion URL gets hits. If it does not get hits, then maybe people do not reach the conversion page, or the conversion page does not fire the Analytics script (less likely).


Try to perform a conversion yourself. Click on one of your ads and complete the goal (make sure you're not filtering your own IP, because if you do, it won't show and you'll only waste click money).


If you use Chrome and its inspector, you should be able to see the gif request from your analytics script. There is also an extension for Chrome (and some for Firefox) who can detect if the Analytics script is installed and working.

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Re: How to associate goal completion in my Google analytics Adwords Report?

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Hi Zankhana,


Tracking with both goals and the AdWords conversion code as Conversions for AdWords is a mistake. If both are working, you will report double the conversions--once from the goal and once from the AdWords code.


Goals can be tricky to set up. It's not always easy. If you have set up your goal as "Regular expressions", that's the hardest way to go, but sometimes is necessary. It's way too easy to get this wrong. The first and last steps are the most important to get right. Only include the path for the pages in the funnel. Only mark the first step as required if it's absolutely necessary. Sometimes the links to your shopping cart make it difficult to set up steps as the data is passed in the form and the address (what you see in the address bar) doesn't change. I had to add values to the query string indicating the steps taken in order to set up the goals.


As Calin suggests, using a computer whose IP address is not excluded from Analytics stats, navigate to the entry page to the sales funnel. I haven't tried this yet, but there is this thing they call Real-Time that will report traffic as it happens. You might try that tool to monitor current activity. Now, go through all the steps to complete the goal.  Giive it a little time to post, then go look at goal completions again. You should have one. BTW, to accomplish this you don't need to find your ad first. Goals will be recorded but not attributed to AdWords. This will confirm whether you have set up the goal properly. Also look at the funnel visualization. Do you have entries to the funnel? Was the next goal page recognized or did it show up as an exit to the funnel? Do this with each page in the funnel until you find the problem.


Then go back and read the Goal Setup instructions again. I always find something that I missed before when I re-read those instructions. It seems the more familiar you are with setting up goals the more the help files actually help.


If you are seeing conversions in AdWords and no conversions in Analytics, that could be in the AdWords setup. One thing that would cause this is if you are using manual tagging rather than auto-tagging. You have to use auto-tagging to see data in the AdWords section. If you are using manual tagging alone, the data shows up under Traffic Sources -> Campaigns.


I hope this helps a bit.


Best of Luck!




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