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How to Use REPORT to Fix BIDS

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I know there is many ways to fix max cpc, How about using report and existing data from ad groups?


Is there a way to use existing data from my ad groups to fix the best bid price for my keywords?


What will be the BEST report to analyse for my eCommerce site ad group? 


When increasing bids, keywords position is better, more click, higher cost, but result are NOT POSITIVE in terme of return on investement.


I want a report that can help me decide the max cpc for the best return on investement (ROI)


Can you help?

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Re: How to Use REPORT to Fix BIDS

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Hi Jean, I use Automated Rules a lot to adjust Max. CPC values for Keywords based upon their performance, usually based upon conversion numbers and conv.value/cost.


Simply put, you'd use Rules to increase Max. CPC when a Keyword exceeded the values you set - for example, 50 conversions in 30 days and a conv.value/cost > 3 - and then use another Rule to decrease the Max. CPC when a Keyword is below this threshold.


I normally use two or three "pairs" of rules like this to position my Ads according to their performance, putting my "top" performers right up around average position #1.2 or so, while lower performing Keywords can slip to #1.9 or thereabouts.


Rules are a very useful way to automate changes and they could be just what you're looking for:


More about Automated Rules



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