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How to Track Search Term Position?

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Hi all!


Is there any way to track position of the actual search term, instead of doing it manually in Excel?


For example, if someone searches for "hotels in berlin" and clicks on the ad that was triggered by keyword "+hotels +berlin", I would like to know avg. position of the actual search term.


I can see this from search term report but the problem is that I need to check this every 7 days and the only way I know how to do this is by using Excel, something like:


search term             avg.pos.(date:1.1.-7.1.)      avg.pos.(date:8.1.-14.1.)

"hotels in berlin"                     2.2                                   2.5


This is easy for one search term but it becomes complicated for thousands and there is no Ad Preview API for doing such thing.


Thanks in advance.




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Re: How to Track Search Term Position?

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I am not understand your question. If I am right, you want to know about different search term's avg pos. & also want to know about keywords means for which keywords, which search term ranked or accrued avg pos.

In search term report you need to select columns -> Attributes -> Keyword

& set keyword alphabetic order, by using this you can know the search term according to keywords & no need to download any excel for analyzing this.

I attached sample


using this you also understand the converted click from which search query from which keywords.

Re: How to Track Search Term Position?

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Hi Mate,

Am I understanding correctly that you'd like to know the relationship between a specific search term and the average position of the keyword that is triggering the actual ad impression?

Technically, search terms do not have a position, it's all about the keywords in this case.

One route you could take here, and yes, it could be very time consuming would be to add the most popular search queries as keywords in your account, then you don't need to farm search query reports, you can just use your keyword average position.

Over time, the reporting would become much clearer and much easier to manage. You can also alter your bidding for the most productive keywords.

I'm not really sure about how to consistently run a report that would accomplish what you're looking for, there is no guarantee that week to week, you'll have the same search queries in your reports and you'll likely spend a ton of time trying to match things up.

Wish I had better options here.

What is the main goal of running such a report?


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Re: How to Track Search Term Position?

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Hi @Mate A


As per my understanding of your issue, you want track your avg. position of your search queries for every week, if this is your issue, I have an idea to track your SQ reports.


  • I hope you are familiar with report, follow these steps to download SQ report for every week.
  • Go to your Search Queries tab and select columns what you want to track.
  • Click on download button, in advance option select schedule reports for one week or day or month, you will get this report automatically to your email.
  • If you want to compare last week avg. position with present week avg. position, select comparison button in date range tab.

I hope this is will help to you.


Let me know if you are looking for a different issue.