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How is this happening?

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Hey everyone,


I am running into a rather strange problem, and was hoping that one of you could provide some insight.


If I log into AdWords, I see that my campaigns have generated a total of 57 clicks (as of the time of this writing). When I log into Analytics, however, I am being told that paid search has only driven 31 unique visitors to my website. 


I thought the disparity might be explained by the same visitor clicking on the ad multiple times, but even total pageviews from paid search are only 39, well below the 57 clicks. 


How is this happening?

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Re: How is this happening?

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Hello BagelBoy,


What sort of time range do you have set when looking at these statistics? It generally takes Google Analytics 24 hours before the statistics are updated for day, Google AdWords takes a lot less and is fairly instantaneous to receive impressions and click data.



ScottyD, AdWords Top Contributor
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Re: How is this happening?

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Just to clarify--for anyone who might read this post in the future?


It generally takes Analytics 24 hours to post data but I find that if I wait 48 hours, that data seems to be much more "complete."


It takes AdWords 4-48 hours to post all data completely. How long it might take in any specific account depends on the campaign settings and targeting. (Search term data for the Search Networks and almost all performance data for the Display Network take 48 hours to post fully.) Some things get updated on a nearly "real time" basis throughout the day but that information is preliminary and subject to changing.


And, of course, the two programs update independently, as ScottyD says. I would suggest that trying to compare the two programs is something best done for past performance--any time frame that doesn't include the last day or two.


Good luck!

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Re: How is this happening?

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Except the difference in time intervals of logging AdWords data vs. logging Analytics data (as previously explained), there is an important distinction between unique visits (as logged by Analytics) vs. clicks (logged by AdWords), that can clear-up the dissimilarity between visits vs. clicks.


Please refer to the following article on the help forum, that clearly explain why the numbers may not match.



Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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