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How does phone call converstion track actually work ?

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I had been using website conversion tracking based on phone call and specific page view. But I want to to extend my conversion tracking on phones and messaging.


How do you tell google adwords that you made this amount of sale. Like if two person get into my website from specific ads with different cpc. 


We start a messaging chat or he called me and to first person i made $100 sale and to the other person I made $200 sale.


Now how do I tell google adwords that ok this person who got to me from xxx ads with xxx cpc made a conversion of $100 while the other $200.


Is it possible ?


The possible way I could think of was to ask the user to do some specific action on my website and call those javascript tracking code and the data will automatically get matched up with conversion etc.

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February 2016

Re: How does phone call converstion track actually work ?

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Hi Chandu,

I believe what you are looking for is to be able to import offline conversions. For that see the link below:

That will guide you in how to import conversion data into AdWords and even attach it to the correct click.

Good Luck

Re: How does phone call converstion track actually work ?

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Thanks @Clynton

Thanks exactly I am looking for. I didn't know its called "offline".

btw It would have been a better if adword had php code api to push data into it. rather than create CSV and manually import.

Thanks again.