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How do you consider Assisted Conversion?

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Dear all,


As a marketer, i'm really insterrested in all the informations provided on Analytics, especially when i combined them with AdWords.


Now that we have the Assistant Conversions informations and AdWords directly on Analytics, i have a better views of my campaigns.

But, i have a question :

When i read a line as : Assited Conversion (12) adn Last click or Direct Click Conversion (15), does it means that i had a total of 27 conversions?


I'm wondering that because sometimes people click on the add, then exit the website and get back later to make the conversion. It will be flagged as "Direct" while the user would maybe never have come to the website without the ad. 


I also wanted to know, what are the metrics you are specially looking at (concerning Assisted Conversion AdWords in Analytics) : First Interaction or last interaction. Why?

Cheers from the sunny Mauritius

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Re: How do you consider Assisted Conversion?

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No, it means that inside that campaign, there are keywords or one keyword received clicks from users that converted later on another click.


The clicks that generated "last click conversions" could have been inside the same campaign on the same or other keywords or outside the campaign.


So the "12 assisted conversions" are either 12 clicks that preceded your 15 conversions or some of the conversions are from other campaigns.


The users research before they buy and this way 1 user can trigger various keywords from your account.

For example if you have a "reviews" section in your account for some products , the "review for product 1" can be triggered to "assist a conversion" it will probably not generate a sale.


Adwords uses "last click interaction" attribution, meaning that the keyword that triggered the last ad which lead the buyer to a conversion gets 100% of the credit for the sale.


In order to view a chain of keywords that generated a sale, you can look at the "Tools and analysis / conversions / Search funnels / Top Paths " and select "Primary dimension : keyword path (clicks) "

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Re: How do you consider Assisted Conversion?

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Hello, Alexandre.

May I suggest reading a brilliant article by none other than Avinash Kaushik?

As for the assisted / last click ratios, adding them up is not the way to go. And here's why:

- let's say you're looking at all conversions in July, and also looking at a conversion lookback window of 90 days (the maximum)
- you see 15 last click conversions for AdWords and 12 assist conversions
- you may see 10 last click for organic and 8 assisted and so on

If you take all channel groupings and apply the same logic, let's say you end up with what I see in one of my accounts: for all channels I have 27 assisted conversions and 56 last click conversions. Wow! That means I have 83 conversions in total, right? Nope. I only have 56. The last click ones.

Because in the case of assisted conversions, for a conversion that takes place today there may be as many assisted conversions as there are previous touch points from different sources in the previous 90 days (the lookback window)?

For one conversion attributed to AdWords today, my conversion path may look like Display - Paid Search - Referral - Organic Search - Referral - Paid Search. Which means that Display gets an assisted conversion, Referral gets an assisted conversion and also Organic Search gets one.

MCF is not an easy to understand / work with concept, and I'm still working on it. But it does add tremendous value because it lets you see way further in the past than the last click model.

Hope it helps, I'm not sure I'm coherent enough Smiley Happy.
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Re: How do you consider Assisted Conversion?

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Thank you so much for the answer and especially the link to Avinash's blog, which is simply a gold mine!!!