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How do I use top vs. side reporting for bidding ?

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I just discovered top vs side reporting and I wanted to look at my data and how I can use it for bidding up indivigual keywords. If my keyword is performing well in top position then why do I have side data at all? 

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September 2015

Re: How do I use top vs. side reporting for bidding ?

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Hi Dustin,


I think, due to bottom placements now, you're now looking at 'Top vs. Other' reporting.


Your keywords may/will perform differently for varying search queries and on the selected networks where your ads are displayed (search vs search partners for instance).  So you may not have just top or just other data, generally, there is a combination...unless of course your ad placements are always at the top, or always fall into the other category.  


This is one way you can automated rules.  If position drops below 3, then raise bids...


These reports can be used for a number of reasons...Here's one basic way to make use of them.  If you notice a certain keyword has a low avg position and you see similar stats in the 'Top vs. Other' reports (more other impressions than top for instance, then you can address the potential optimization for that keyword, working on QS or adjusting bids.


Hope this helps!





Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: How do I use top vs. side reporting for bidding ?

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Thanks Tom for the great insight. Yes, it is now called 'Top vs. Other' since G are displaying ads at the bottom of results sometimes as well. 


Great tip on automating this when you have a profitable phase in a top slot.