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How do I divide conversion data?

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I run an eCommerce website, we use AdWords to make sales but I am also trying to optimize the website so that we can make organic conversions. 


I'm trying to find a way to figure out how many conversions I get organically or through AdWords campaigns.


Is there an easy way to do this? 


Thanks in advance, 



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September 2015

Re: How do I divide conversion data?

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Hi Simon,

Tracking AdWords conversions will only track conversions brought in from AdWords. So any conversions that are made that are not tracked by AdWords are in general organic (provided no other campaigns, such as media placements or social).

That being said your best bet is to use Google analytic. Found here:

If you have any analytic specific questions the forum is here:!forum/analytics

Get started using analytics here:

Good Luck

Re: How do I divide conversion data?

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Okay, Thanks.