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How do I configure GTM to track only successful sign-ups on this site?

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Given that I want to track successful sign-ups


When I set up in Google Tag Manager: Trigger type: Click - All Elements Trigger fires on: click classes contain "ht-app__form-submit"


Then my trigger fires any time someone hits the "Sign button" on this page



However, now I only want to track the clicks where the sign-up was successful, so I want to "check validation" but this creates two questions for me:

  1. With trigger type "All Elements" you cannot enter a validation, but if I select the other option "Click - Just Links", then my Google Tag Manager debugger shows that my Tags are not firing anymore. So which event type do I need to set up in GTM?
  2. After I find the right event, what would be the correct "check validation" to enter to make sure only successful sign-ups are counted? Would it be Click URL with some value? Any insight in this would be much appreciated.

Somebody mentioned that I should select the trigger "form submit". Then check the box "check validation", but when I choose the trigger "form submit", the tag doesn't fire at all...


Who can help me?




many thanks

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Re: How do I configure GTM to track only successful sign-ups on this site?

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Hi @Elco I sorry for the delay in replying, did you find a solution?


Personally I always use the form submit option so I'd be looking to solve why this doesn't trigger for you; it's the best option because of the ability to demand only successful submissions.



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How do I configure GTM to track only successful sign-ups on this site?

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Hi Jon


No we didn't solve this yet, but I am working on a possible solution where someone adviced:


"Looks like you need to add some custom javascript in order to track this form. GTM's form submission tracking doesn't work on most forms, usually you have to use custom events instead.

You can ask your developer to push a custom event to the data layer upon successful form submission. Once you have that, you can follow this tutorial (the "Submission Tracking for Custom Forms" section) to set up the tracking in GTM. Hope this helps Smiley Happy"


This is the tutorial