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How do I Track FORM submission as Conversion in Adwords?

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We are implementing a form on the website - Signup form that must be completed before a user moves forward.   The Form once it is filled out automatically gives access to continue browsing.   I would like to track each of these (signups) as a conversion in Adwords / as well as setting it up as an Event in Google Analytics....


What is the easier solutions to do this?   I personally am not a programmer and have to relay this to the programming team that seem not to be familiar with Google Adwords / Or Analytics.    So please break down the easiest way to implement this solution....



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Re: How do I Track FORM submission as Conversion in Adwords?

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Hey Kyle, how are things?


I can think on two possible solutions for this:


1. Using Google Adwords Conversion Tracking + Google Tag Manager (this would require a little bit of study on the Tag Manager part)

2. Fire an Analytics Event upon submission and turn that Event into a Goal on Analytics, which you can later, import to Google Adwords if you have the accounts linked


1. Adwords + Tag Manager

In case you don't about it, Google Tag Manager is a tool from Google that helps you manage multiple tags within your website, without depending on developers. It also helps you increase your site speed, since you won't have multiple tags on the HTML it self. Everything would fire through Tag Manager, which speed things up for you.


For Tag Manager to work, you need to add a piece of script into your website on every page, just like it is for Google Analytics, and that's it! Every piece of code that you need to add to your website, including GA code could be fired within Tag Manager.


You will create rules to determine WHERE and THE MOMENT that the tag will be fired, and Tag Manager has a function to know when a form was submitted on your website, and that's where the magic would happen. You would configure the GTM to fire the Adwords conversion code every time someone sends a form successfully (this is VERY important. DON'T fire a event or tag on BUTTON CLICK, just on form suscess) 


This is the help center for GTM to get you started:

And this link help you understand more about the "Form Submit Listener":


2. Analytics Event + Adwords Import

The second alternative is to fire an GA event when the form have a successfully submission (again, not on the button click). The event could be fired via GTM too if you wish.


Now that event is firing, you need to add this event as a Goal inside your GA. This page show you how to do it:

Notice: Events are case sensitive, so make sure that the names used on the events are exactly the same on the ones when setting up the goal, otherwise it won't work.


Now that your event is fired and tracked as a goal, all you need to do is link Adwords with Analytics, and import the goal to Adwords. This page shows you how to do this:

Notice: Goals Import are not instantly. It could take a couple of days for your goals to become available on Adwords.


Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: How do I Track FORM submission as Conversion in Adwords?

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Hey Kyle,

I am agree with leandrofm it will rteally help you. You can also create a confirmation or Thank you page and put the conversion code before </body> tag.

Hope that helps


How do I Track FORM submission as Conversion in Adwords?

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Hey Leandro,


For option #1, is Google smart enough to know to not count the conversion event if the source does not come from AdWords (e.g. if a user submits a form after finding it through Facebook, I wouldn't want the AdWords tag to fire, even though the trigger event is the same).


Thanks for the super helpful answer!