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How do GDN and PLA details show in Google Analytics?

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Hi everybody, I searched quite a lot on these topics and looked into the documentation but still it’s not totally clear to me on how AdWords details show in Google Analytics reports and which data is shown under which circumstances (combinations). Confused!


Would be great if you could acknowledge or revise the following and add what might be missing, thanks in advance!



  1. (content targeting) shows for display campaigns.
  2. (remarketing/content targeting) shows for display campaigns that use remarketing (and are not specified as follows).
  3. {{NUMBER}}to{{NUMBER}} as well as gt64 and undetermined show for display campaigns based on age targeting as described here:
  4. Can undetermined show for gender to according to And if so under which circumstances?
  5. docvertical::{{NUMBER}} shows for a specific (topic) placement category according to
  6. uservertical::{{NUMBER}} shows for a specific interest-based category according to
  7. (user vertical targeting) shows for display campaigns based on several of such interest-categories? Or how does this differ from uservertical::{{NUMBER}}?
  8. boomuserlist::{{NUBMER}} shows for a specific remarketing list? If so is this still in use?
  9. If url>> shows this always comes from search (Google and partner) – but what does it mean?
  10. (category matching) shows for „display topic campaigns“ according to this discussion – is this true and still in use?
  11. Do language, location and device targeting somehow show to?



  1. * shows for product data („Add all products” option).
  2. id=={{NUMBER}} shows for a specific product id.
  3. product_type=={{TEXT}} shows for a product type.
  4. brand=={{TEXT}} shows for a specific brand.
  5. condition=={{TEXT}} shows for a specific condition.
  6. labels=={{TEXT}} shows for specific labels.
  7. adwords_grouping=={{TEXT}} shows for specific grouping.
  8. Value Track Parameter (for example adtype) could be used to enrich data (see and

Re: How do GDN and PLA details show in Google Analytics?

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Hi all, can nobody help me here? Would really appreciate to hear how others handle this.