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How can I track phone sales

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I take phone orders as well as PayPal
My question is how do I track conversions for the orders I take over the phone ?

Re: How can I track phone sales

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Hey Teri,


If you want to know your "cost per conversion" and include both your online & offline sales - you need to use a CRM (or an excel sheet) in order to calculate the conversion rate & conversion cost.... 



If you're in the US / UK - you might be able to have "call metrics (click to watch 1m video)" but that can help you to know only your price per lead (and not how many sales you had)


You can read more about this option here:

 and if you're interested you can follow the steps in this link in order to enable the "call metrics" feature:


 Good Luck,



Re: How can I track phone sales

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If you are committed to tracking sales from phone calls then the best way I know seems old fashioned.


Maintain a spreadsheet or list of some type.


When you complete the sale, ask three questions at conclusion of every quote/sale:


How did you hear about our business:  (referral/newspaper/repeat client/internet/google)


The key question is - what did you type into Google to find us today?


Did you find us via mobile / desktop or tablet search?


If you are disciplined in following, you will gain not only what keywords are generating calls, what devices are effective but what is delivering buyers.


After a while, your intelligence will be far better than just conversions or calls.  Match this up with times, days, search terms vs your spend - adjust the adwords accordingly