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How can I stop Google spamming my cell phone with Adwords spam?

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My cell phone is spammed by Google with stupid Adwords spam - either with Adwords Team spam or US Lottery Visa spam. How can I eliminayte this spam once for good?

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Re: How can I stop Google spamming my cell phone with Adwords spam?

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Well... You know, it all depends on the POV. You  see ads (by Adwords) as a "distraction", others would see ads as choices  for consumers... (Depending on one's POV... Smiley Surprised ) Anyway, we rather not get into this discussion,  since it will not bring us to the outcome you are looking for.


Ads are essential  to the financial support  of websites which distribute content. Hence, you cannot opt out of seeing ads. However, you can opt out form interest  based  ads.  (Ads tailored to you,  based on your online behavior - aka, behavioral advertising). You could opt out of interest based ads  on your ads settings sections of your Google account. Note: this will apply only to "ads by Google".


If you reside in the EU, Google is part of an online initiative "your online choices ". You could choose to opt out,  from certain ad networks/ advertisers, (other than Google) which distribute behavioral advertising.  However, - this does not mean that  you will not see any ads.

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Re: How can I stop Google spamming my cell phone with Adwords spam?

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I tolerate *small* ads from free applications on my cell phone (those application which offer paid full version which is ad free).

What I do not tolerate is spamming my cell phone Gmail inbox with Adwords spam about Adwords (specially stupid spam, since my phone is registered in Poland - and this spam comes from UK). Another annoying spam is about US Visa lottery.

I followed all required steps to opt out from Google ads; spam from Adwords appears to be ignoring Google opt-out settings.


Needless to say it is hardly probable that Adwords spam about Adwords is "interest based"...


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Re: How can I stop Google spamming my cell phone with Adwords spam?

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thar opt-out is for opting-out of using individual interests
to determine which ads are shown -- opt-out does not
mean opting out of ads altogether or similar.

generally, companies offer paid, ad-free, versions of (mail) services.

that said, this forum is for help with purchasing paid advertising.

help with the free version of gmail -- including issues related to
ads appearing for google related products on mobile gmail --
is currently here:!forum/gmail