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How can I calculate the search and competition of a million words?

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I have used to merge three lists of search terms. It is for a car website They sell car audio for several years, makes, and models. I wanted to merge each, car audio terms, years, and make and models (with variations on how someone would type it in). Once merged, I got a million different terms. How can I calculate the search and competition on a million words?

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Re: How can I calculate the search and competition of a million words?

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Hi Theodore, welcome to the Community.


The simple answer is you can't and never will.  More importantly, even if you could, do you have an unlimited budget?  Literally millions of dollars?


Although I hate the term, you can think of AdWords as "buying" Keywords.  Since each Keyword in an Account has the capability to trigger an Ad display, and each click costs money (under a CPC Campaign) generally speaking the more Keywords you have, the more your budget needs to be for AdWords to be effective if you want to reach a reasonable audience.


Consider a really simple example.  You have a one Keyword, KeywordA and people perform searches including that Keyword 1000 times a day.  Your Ads get clicked once every 10 times they're shown - a CTR (Click Through Rate) of 10%. Each click costs $1.  If you want your Ad to be shown every time someone carries out a search that matches your Keyword, you'll need a daily budget of $100 (because your Ad will be shown 1000 times, it'll be clicked 100 times).


If you add just one more Keyword with the same stats (but a different set of searches), your budget will double, if you want all those searches to see your Ad.  If we had a million Keywords of the same stats, you need a budget of $100,000,000 a day.  


OK, nothing is even close to this regular in AdWords.  In a real situation every number of impressions will be different, many Keywords will match on the same or similar terms and CPC costs will vary.  In a million Keyword Account there will be a very large number that cost you nothing for days, weeks, ever...  But you will still need a truly magnificent budget to even get close to funding a million Keywords effectively.


So, what do you do instead.  What you'll have to do (and I'm assuming here your budget isn't $100m a day.  If it is, please give me a call.) is start small and build out from there.  You almost certainly don't need (you can't) match against all these combinations so you'll have to match with simpler, much fewer, terms.

Can you give us some example Keywords you'd be thinking of using?



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