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How To Access Checkout Pages For Ecommerce Codes

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Hi All,


Sorry if this seems like a really dumb question haha. 


So, I've not installed a lot of ecommerce tracking in my time, only once or twice. However I now use GTM, and I need to get it installed for one of my clients, but of course I need to have access to the the checkout page of their site.


How can I get access to it without performing a checkout? Just ask them for the code from that page then send them the tracking to install with the amended values? Or ask for FTP access?


How do you guys go about getting this done usually?



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Re: How To Access Checkout Pages For Ecommerce Codes

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Hi Abbie,

You can do this via FTP or backend access

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Re: How To Access Checkout Pages For Ecommerce Codes

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Hi @Abbie R, depends upon the client.  If they have their own developers I'll usually give them the code and instructions how to install it; where the client already has a developer responsible for the site, I think it's better to keep them doing that work.

If they don't have a developer then I'll usually ask for FTP access and install myself, but of course that depends upon your level of coding knowledge.



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Re: How To Access Checkout Pages For Ecommerce Codes

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Thanks Jon, think I just wanted to double check this by someone else lol.

I suppose what would be most useful is if I have a set of links / docs/ draft email to send to the client / their developers. And in other circumstances I will most likely already have the access and just install it!