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How Purchase conversions are interpreted in AdWords webpage report

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Website I am working with is using adwords conversion tracking code for purchases.

In conversion window report I can see exact conversion ID according to webpage (example:


Sometime adwords system counts more than one conversion for certain transaction page (purchase also known as many per click). Interesting is that the value for additional conversions is the same as the value of the first conversion. I do compare results with analytics data.


I have 2 explanations:


1. User reloads webpage with conversions code and system finds that second conversion happened.

2. AdWords system does not count second conversion value and just use the value of previous.


Now the second option for my opinion is quite unbelievable, but I checked 2 more accounts and the data was the same. 


Just got some doubts. Anybody knows how this data is counted?


Thank you in advance Smiley Happy


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Re: How Purchase conversions are interpreted in AdWords webpage report

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Hi Julius, I would say your first explanation is the correct one.  If it is possible for someone to reload the conversion page, firing the conversion code, you can be fairly certain that sometimes people will do it.  When building sites I always ensure that a reload cannot occur in this way, either by preventing the tracking code from appearing or by checking if the transaction has already been completed once and redirecting to another page if true.



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