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How Can I Make a Conversion Unique to a Specific Campaign?

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I am new to PPC and I have a quick question. I am advertising for a website and have setup several campaigns leading to different landing pages. I have also setup a form that leads to a "thank you page" (the conversion page) one one of the landing pages (campaign x).


The issue that I am having is that sometimes people are navigating away from the landing page that they arrived to through one ad (campaign y), going to the landing page with the form (campaign x), and registering themselves. When they do this, it Google registers the conversion as having come from campaign x.


How would it be possible for me to solve this problem? I can't find any method to make a conversion unique to a specific campaign in Adwords.


Thank you for your time,


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Re: How Can I Make a Conversion Unique to a Specific Campaign?

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Hi Abdullah,
I don't think that you understand how this works exactly.

Assuming you have auto tagging turned on, AdWords will assign the conversion to the campaign the click came from.

If you want to manually set the campaigns, you need to manually tag your destination URLs in your ads.

Here's a good starting point to learning how to do this -
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Re: How Can I Make a Conversion Unique to a Specific Campaign?

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Do the two landing pages lead to the same thank you page?

If this is the case, simply use one conversion code on that page. If a user comes from Campaign X, then goes to campaign Y's landing page, AdWords will still register the conversion as coming from X.

Is this what's happening anyway in terms of your set up?