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How Can Adwords tell me how much Revenue is made from my ads.

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I am really stuck on this one for my site, I simply need to know when people click on my site from adwords, regardless if it is an ad or google shopping, how can I track the revenue generated by those paid pads? My head is spinning and I cannot get a straight answer. 

I use big commerce who tells me my GA code is installed correct. This was after two tech chats, 2 phone calls, and an support email.

Google support via 800 # tell me that my adwords code installed correct. This was on the page after checkout is complete. They also tell me I need to have a developer install code from this page onto my site I am lost on that one.


Yet when I go to Analytics>acquisition>Adwords>Campaigns, it shows zeros across the board. Hell, even in Analytics > Conversions>Ecommerce>overview, it shows zero for everything.


What am I missing? Why is it so hard to track revenue or even basic sales? I can see visits and behaviors just fine in GA

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Re: How Can Adwords tell me how much Revenue is made from my ads.

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There are plenty of documentation from their own support from simple google search:

Eternal Link - Follow those directions, Add the Code as is shows in the Ecommerce Step. You didn't do that based on looking at your source code.