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Help using Google Adwords conversion tracking - should I use Google tag manager?

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Hi there,

Just looking for some advice on my tracking for this landing page: 
I want to record account set up and purchases. Users have to sign up. This is my new LP, my old one was a disaster and the tracking was implemented wrong. So I am trying to start from the beginning. I would like some tips to get it right this time.
Should I be using google tag manager instead of asking my developer to mess with code, as I said disaster the last time, I emailed the instructions but I feel the code was on the wrong pages etc.
I appreciate any insight or feedback? 
All the best,
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Re: Help using Google Adwords conversion tracking - should I use Google tag manager?

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@Kelly C,


Yes, in my opinion, a tag manager platform (like Google Tag Manager) is the best route to go. This will allow you to nest multiple tags within the  smart container without having to adjust any direct source code.


In this scenario, make sure that GTM is implemented at a global level on all your webpages and download Google Tag Assistant to ensure it was installed properly. After it's implemented start creating your tags with the Conversion snippets that are created in Adwords and fire those tags (using triggers) only on the pages that register a conversion.


In this scenario, fire a conversion on the page that the user is redirected to after they "sign up". And then create another another tag to fire on the "/thank-you" page after the user completes a purchase.


So setup two conversions in Adwords (Sign Up & Purchases) and then utilize each snippet within two different tags that fire on the corresponding page load.


Start familiarizing yourself with the GTM platform and it will help you understand how the tags should be set up in conjunction with Adwords Conversions.


Hope this helps!