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Help, Setting up keyword insertion in Destination URL

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Got a url that I want ad keyword insertion into the destination url so on my reporting side I can capture it on my side.


I have{keyword}


On my reporting the it will know its from the US Display campaign however deeper I want the keyword to pass for my side on conversion tracking.


Did i do this write for the keyword to pass through?



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Re: Help, Setting up keyword insertion in Destination URL

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Hi Eric G,

No, that's not right.There can only be one question mark in the URL, it indicates the beginning of the Query String. if you have more than one name/value pair to pass, use an ampersand (&). Your destination URL should look like this:{keyword}

Note: the second question mark was replace with an ampersand.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Help, Setting up keyword insertion in Destination URL

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Hi Eric,

More detailed info on the link below:

Let's say you're advertising the website

Here's an example of what you might see:

Start with your destination URL:
Add a slash (/) and a question mark (?) before adding your URL parameter:
Label each URL parameter with a descriptive word. Make sure there aren't any spaces in your descriptive word. For example, if you're using the {matchtype} parameter, you may want to use the label matchtype=.{matchtype}
(Optional) You can add multiple URL parameters to your URL if you like, but make sure to include a label for each, and separate your URL parameters with the ampersand (&) symbol.{matchtype}&keyword={keyword}
If the URL is formatted correctly, it'll take your customers to the same webpage with or without the URL parameters. When you review your web logs, the URL will now be updated with information about each click.