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Heavy Increase in CPC?

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Last week wednesday I split up one of my campaigns. I removed the most clicked and most converting adgroup to a seperate campaign to make it even more relevant and create more adgroups. However, now I noticed that in the original campaign the other adgroups (all of them seperately) saw a huge increase in Average CPC (+200%)... Could this have to do with splitting up the campaign or can anyone think of any other reasons why this would happen?







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Re: Heavy Increase in CPC?

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Hi Steven,


Few possibilities I could think of:-


I would say that it depends upon whether the ad groups you separated out had the least CPC as compared to others and as soon as you paused them in the original campaigns the impact is sudden increase of overall Avg. CPC of your campaign because of other ad groups.


And to follow on that, the avg. CPC of your new campaign should be lower than your original campaign currently.


Did you also witness some downfall in terms of Quality Score of your keywords too? If yes, then this could be other reason of increased Avg. CPC.



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Re: Heavy Increase in CPC?

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Hi Pankaj!


Thanks for the reply! I think I found the answer:

The original campaign was using the Conversion Optimizer, but since I took out the most converting adgroup I couldn't use it anymore..It looked like Adwords automatically switched to optimize for clicks (without a CPC limit) so my max CPC increased heavily aswell...