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HOw to track revenue in Adwords ?

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I'm running a campaign for e-commerce website. I'd like to know how can I track the revenue from Adwords? 


I see there have been xxx number conversions, see the conversion value, e.t.c but don't see revenue from conversions.


And the conversion data in Analytics and in Adwords do not match. Don't see Adwords conversions in analytics.


Thanks in advance.



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HOw to track revenue in Adwords ?

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Hi Anet,


Firstly thanks for the great question.


1. Firstly you need to understand that attribution for Analytics and Adwords is different, and it's common to have discrepancies between the too. That being said make sure you have linked the two correctly and imported Transactions into AdWords.


Goals are different to conversions in Analytics. If you want the numbers to match, it's better to set up goals in Analytics and then import those into AdWords - read more detail on this here


2. By importing transactions you will be able to see the value of conversions but not revenue, this is something you can only see in Analytics. You can however create a custom column to show the revenue (in a basic sense) read more:


Keep in mind though, you need to consider more than just the sales values when deciding on the full value of PPC ads. You need to consider cross channel behaviour and brand awareness as well. 


So to summarise: 

1. It can make things simpler to use Analytics goals, and import them into Adwords. Just keep in mind there can be up to a 72 hour delay on data.

2. Make sure ecommerce tracking is installed correctly on your site and import transactions into Adwords to see the correct conversion values. 

3. You can create custom columns to show any cost/value related metrics you wish!

4. Remember to consider the full value of AdWords, not just the black and white sales figures.