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Got click for negative keyword. How is it possible?

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While working on my client's campaign I analyzed a click with search query related to area Queens. Strange thing is that Queens is listed in Campaign level negative keywords list with broad match. Although the click was not from Queens as I have listed this area in Excluded locations.


Can anyone make me understand that how is it possible?


Amit Verma

Re: Got click for negative keyword. How is it possible?

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Hi Amit,

Could you perhaps be a bit more specific?

What exactly is the negative keyword
What exactly was the search query
what was the keyword triggered
what are your location settings (both targets and advanced)

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Re: Got click for negative keyword. How is it possible?

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Hi Clynton,

negative keyword - queens
search query - speech pathologist in astoria queens
keyword triggered - speech pathologist nyc
Advanced location settings targets - People in my targeted location
Exclude - People in my excluded location

My concern is only related to keyword.


Re: Got click for negative keyword. How is it possible?

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Hmmm, Ok so this seems to be a complicated situation.

I am assuming that all the usuals have been checked to ensure that the negative should be working correctly (such as broad match not exact, it is applicable to the ad group in question etc).

Here are my suspicions on what has happened: The search query in question is not longer than 10 words so the negative should have taken effect. In this case what I believe to have happened is that the search query that triggered the keyword has been segmented (for lack of a better word) into trigger and location indicator. This occurs when you use the advanced setting "people in my selected location", AdWords uses location indicators as location targeting. So if you have a keyword "flowers London" then that keyword will only be eligible to show in London.

I believe a similar thing has happened with the search query, in that the trigger "speech pathologist" and the location identifier " astoria queens" have been segmented and the location identifier is thus not being negated by your negatives.

I have not personally seen this happen before but I have heard others talk of it.

The solution would be to change your targeting settings to "people searching in and about...", this will circumvent the location identifier issue.

You will then need to add negative locations for where you do not want your ad to appear.

You can read a lengthy discussion on the topic here:

Let me know if this helps or you have any other questions