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Google tag manager

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Does anyone can tell me so if google tag manager is really helpful to avoid having developers to add tags on the web site?

I would like to try to use google tag manager but I am not sure if is something easy to use and better than to have a developer who will apply the tags for me.

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December 2015

Re: Google tag manager

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Hi Eleonora,

It depends on what resources you have available to you. Tag Manager is convenient since, once placed on your site, you can easily add remarketing tag, conversion tracking code, etc. within Tag Manager itself. It also can keep your site running quickly by preventing slow-downs due to having too many tags placed directly on the site.

If it's difficult for you to get regular access to a developer in order to place codes on the site, or if you're concerned about site speed, Tag Manager is a good option. But I'm sure others who have chosen to use or not use Tag Manager can provide other thoughts as well!


Re: Google tag manager

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Hi Cassie,

I am trying to install the Tag Manager container on a Wordpress site. But every time that I do it crashes the site and I have to get my webhost to reload the WP site from the archive.

In your experience have you ever come across this problem or know how to resolve it?

Re: Google tag manager

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Hi Mark,

still got the problem or solved it?
The installation is a little bit tricky whenever the theme or child theme or framework or whatsoever changes the structure of the site. Ronneby, for example, was/is some pain in the a** and sucks!
BUT one of the best (no, the best one and only) solutions still is the Google Tag Manager plugin from hungarian Googler Tamas Geiger aka duracelltomi, which you'll find here:
and here:
Otherwise you have to implement it manually.
Some great help you'll find at Google Tag Manager and Google Developer god's (one god, not THAT God!) website or you'll take a look at the GTM community, which is quite more vivid, regarding this topic:
Good luck!
P.S.: Please tell us how you got/get along...