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Google forwarding phone number

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Lets say I have a customer that is national and have various offices all over the country.. Now their website has one phone number where by when you call in, the system detects the callers locations (possibly via the nearest telecommunications exchange) and re-routes the call to the nearest office to that caller. 


I'm wondering if with the Google forwarding phone number whether it acts as a barrier to the phone system or it all comes from the one phone exchange that Google occupy and system doesn't know where this call is coming from hence defeating the purpose of re-routing the call to the nearest branch?




Re: Google forwarding phone number

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You do get area code reports in the dimensions tab, under call details. When I have seen phone logs, the caller's number still comes through. It's just the number that they dial that changes.

I don't know how your particular system works, but it shouldn't be affected. The best way to know would be to start comparing phone call logs to the dimensions reports and see if you can confirm that the calls coming from AdWords are redirecting properly.