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Google display network analytics metrics

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I don't have a lot of GDN campaign experience to evaluate the performance of this.


I am running a GDN for a swiss watch brand. We tried to do Adwords regular search ads with limited results. W're trying to do a broad awareness campaign usin GDN. Basically getting the brand out to people on GDN who have interests that are likely compliment expenses watches like timeshares, recreational aviation etc.


The analytics stats so far aren't great. 90% bouce rate, 8 seconds average visit.


So I'm trying to rein this in by using both interest matching and keyword matching (the above stats refer to just interesting matching alone)


I was wondering what is a good, content network bouce/time on site statistic. I know that it will never be on the same level as search ads. 

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Re: Google display network analytics metrics

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90% bounce rate and 8 sec average visit certainly doesn´t sound so good. But then again, maybe you have only 1 page on your site. Or, you landing page is so superb (alternatively really sucks) that people find no need (or no incitement) to step further.

Are´t you using any kind of conversions, like download or subscription?

Re: Google display network analytics metrics

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90% bounce rate sure doesn't sound good, but 8 seconds average visit duration could be better than it sounds. The average duration calculation includes all those bounces, which all record 0 seconds on the page as the system just can not tell how long the visitor was on the page if they leave without clicking on any internal links (That's what a bounce is).


So, lets say you had 100 visitors with an average duration of 8 seconds and a 90% bounce rate.


That means you had a total of 800 seconds visit duration. 90% bounce rate means only 10 people did not bounce. Now divide the 800 second by 10 and the average visit duration of non-bounces was 80 seconds (one minute and 20 seconds). That's actually a lot of time on a web page. Most people will decided wihtin 10 seconds (or even less) whether the page has anything interesting on it for them. There must be something that interests them.


You can either figure out how to bring more qualified prospects, and fewer unqualified, to your site by adjusting your advertisements, or you can figure out how to keep people on the page once the get there and how to entice them to convert.


Best of Luck!




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