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Google analytics goals

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I have set up 6 goals on Google analytics, 4 two weeks ago and anther 2 more a week ago.

The first 4 goals I can see in my Adwords account but the 2 new ones I can't see…anyone know why?  The accounts are linked, I have enabled data sharing and enabled auto-tagging.

I'll be waiting for your answer.



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Re: Google analytics goals

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Do you know, for sure, that you have conversions originating from AdWords and they do not get reported? AdWords will only report goal conversions which originate from an Adwords visit, not all goals reported by analytics. So for instance if someone comes from a direct visit or an organic one, Analytics will show the conversion, but AdWords will not.

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Re: Google analytics goals

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Just to build off of what AdWiser is saying as well:


Are you getting a sizable number of conversions on those goals?

I've found that if I just have a couple of conversions in Analytics attributed to Adwords that it doesn't populate into the Adwords platform quickly. I've had scenarios where I've had to wait almost a month before my goals could be imported.



If so, is the last click that brings them to your website goal an Adwords ad?


I'd pull up your Advertising report and look at the goal sets. If you're not seeing conversions in your Adwords Analytics report and you've linked your accounts your problem is either people are not converting directly after coming in from ads or you've got some tracking issues.



Do you have a long sales cycle? (check your Analytics Multiple Channel Goal Report for the  Path Length Report)


Take a look at your Path Length Report. If you're seeing a lot of your goals taking more than 2-3 path visits that could help confirm the fact that people aren't coming in and converting straight from your ads.


Are you seeing self-referrals (referral traffic coming from your website) in your data?


If you're seeing self-referrals in your data you've got tracking issues. For instance, conversions will often be tracked on a shopping cart confirmation page url. If the users path to that url includes any page that doesn't pass along the cookie because the Analytics tag is either missing or implemented incorrectly your conversions will look like their coming from your own website.


I'd look through your entire conversion funnel(s) and make sure that 1) all tracking code is installed correctly and 2) if you are using multiple domains the cross domain tracking has been set up correctly.


If you don't spot anything start looking for iframes on your site. If all else fails and you keep getting self-referrals call Google Adwords Analytics help. The people on the phone are generally really helpful and can pass complicated issues back to really tech heavy guys.


The Gist

Basically, if you're positive that the conversions are coming from your ads you want to do everything you can to make sure the Analytics cookie doesn't get lost before they convert.


Hope that helps!

Mark Jensen