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Google Forwarding Number on a Wordpress Site

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Hello all!


I have recently become interested in setting up Google Forwarding numbers on my adwords campaign so I can better monitor jobs from ad words. I am having issues following the steps provided by Google, since I use wordpress. 


I have our default business number on the header of every page, but I have not implemented this via html or php manually. If you are familiar with wordpress, to get the number on the header of every page, it is easiest to click the Appearance tab on the wordpress interface, followed by Customize, followed by inputting the phone number in the box titled site identity.


I found a great link that helps with a wordpress site and installing the right snippets for call forwarding, and it has worked for all numbers in the body of my web pages.


Here is the link


Although this has been a great guide, it does not help me at all with the number in the header. I do not want people who land on my site via Ad Words to call the number in the header as it will not reflect the actual source of the job. However, call forwarding offers a great way around it, I am just having issues implementing it..


I appreciate all of the help I can get! Thank you 


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Re: Google Forwarding Number on a Wordpress Site

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Hey James, how are things?

Although the subject is Adwords related, this is more tied to Wordpress development. Since this community handle the support of Adwords, maybe you'll have more luck on trying to reach wordpress foruns or either getting in touch with the developer of your theme if the offer support. There are also some freelance coding website where you can offer some money for someone to do that for you. It tends to be cheaper and I've used myself a few times.

If you don't mind, I'd like to leave my suggestion on this. I won't be able to give the code, but maybe this you serve as a hint on what you can do.

It will be nice if you could use one parameters on your URLs, determined by you, just for your site to know where the user is coming from. So, if you have a URL like this:, you can then tell your site the following: "Ok, everytime you get a visit from someone that have "src=GoogleAdwords" on the URL, change the default phone number to the Google Forwarding number".

I really hope this can help.

Leandro Martinez

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

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Re: Google Forwarding Number on a Wordpress Site

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Hi James,

Leandro: The script from Google that changes the phone number to a Google forwarding number does that, but it's based on a cookie rather then a URL. Your suggestion would really only cover the first page viewed. After that you'd either need to keep appending "src=GoogleAdwords" to every URL to make the correct number show up.

James, I imagine that depends on which template you are using. I'm using the Avada templates. Under Theme Option/Header, there's a box for a phone number. This is where the number comes from. It will accept anything you put in there, not just a phone number. I imagine you can do the same thing in the customize theme. You should be able to put in the phone number inside a span tag with a class name used solely for this purpose.

If you've implemented this on page content with a class name, place your phone number within a span tag with the proper class. If you are using an ID rather than a class, placing a second instance of an object with the same ID will break the script from Google. You'll need to assign that (those) tag(s) to the same class name. create a function to do that. You can find sample code for that on this page:

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords